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Our Vision

Limitless is a client-led, ABA clinic that combines science and compassion. At Limitless, we focus on meeting children where they are, and collaborating with their families, to ensure a meaningful treatment plan is developed. With ASD diagnoses on the rise, it is now more crucial than ever that Limitless opens it's doors in Georgia.  We are committed to treating each child with dignity and respect, which means no cookie-cutter treatment plans. We're here to challenge the current delivery methods of ABA services across the state of Georgia and deliver the best possible outcomes to your family. 


What Makes Us Unique

Limitless is client-led, meaning our practices are focused around your child's interests. We have incorporated parent feedback, pediatric input, and clinician perspective to create the ultimate ABA experience. Tap below to explore what sets us apart from other ABA programs.


About Us

Our mission is to ignite change in the ABA community by prioritizing your child's happiness. In doing so, we've created a space where individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can comfortably grow, learn, and explore.


Limitless integrates decades of experience in ABA therapy with humanity and empathy. We understand that our clients need breaks, they need to explore the outdoors, and most importantly, they just need to be kids. No two children are the same, nor should they be treated as such. At Limitless, we know that the teaching methods utilized for one 3 year old can be completely ineffective for another 3 year old, and we're up for the challenge! It is not your child's job to learn the way we teach, it is our job to teach your child in whatever way they learn best.


Regardless of your choice to move forward with our clinic, or obtain services elsewhere, we are committed to giving you the tools you will need to secure quality, reliable treatment for your loved one. 


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